Re: what is dt? use of summary in Figure

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Shelley Powers
<> wrote:
> I may be too limited in my viewpoint, but I'm not particularly concerned
> about legacy browsers, because we're not talking about legacy HTML.

You are.  If something doesn't work in legacy browsers, and I can't
hack around it (with the acceptableness of the hack depending on the
difficulty of performing it and the value of the element), I won't use
it when writing pages, nor will many/most other authors.

> Regardless--with appreciations for note and caution--we should probably
> focus on topic thread, which is replacements for dt/dd where they're used
> outside of dl.

While I'm sorta okay with <dt>/<dd> in <details>, I agree that within
<figure> it's confusing.  I'm putting my money on <h1>.  It has some
minor default display issues, but nothing major in my book (basically
identical to the problems inherent in using <h1> for all your
headings, which apparently aren't bad enough to kill that feature).


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