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>>> Laura Carlson wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> What about using a <summary> as a generalized element with <details>
>>>> etc. Leif mentioned  this previously.
>>> This strikes me as an interesting proposal, and when it comes to Figure,
>>> has been proposed by others[1]. The rejection of the idea, because of how
>>> browsers currently implement the DOM for HTML4 puzzles me, since we're
>>> changing the DOM for HTML5, anyway.
>> <summary> would be no problem in <figure> and <details> as far as parsing
>> goes. In <table>, however, it would be a problem because in legacy browsers
>> the element would be moved outside the <table> in the DOM.
> Maybe start thinking about a new generic term?
> <synopsis>, <abstract>, <precis> come to mind. Others?

At the moment we discuss the problem of a caption. <summary> 
represents a caption for accessibility purposes. Since I am for 
the moment suggesting that we simply do

 <dl figure ><dt>Caption<dd>Content</dl>

the problem of such a hidden caption could be solved by adding a 
hidden <dt>

 <dl figure >
              <dt hidden >Long description

Should work fine with the logics of DL - where a DD can have more 
than one DT.

To follow the same pattern in <table>, we could allow _two_ 
subsequent <caption> elements there. In June this year I 
demonstrated that this works quite well across all UAs.
leif halvard silli

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