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Philippe Le Hegaret writes:
> On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 12:11 -0400, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> > As such, the easiest solution to resolve the Patent Policy question is
> > indeed to create the task force within the HTML Working Group and gets
> > the WAI PF folks who wants to participate in the TF to join the HTML WG.
> One clarification I should make on this statement. From a patent policy
> point of view, the TF would be created under the HTML WG umbrella. But
> it would still be a joint task between HTML and PF, jointly managed by
> both Groups and responsible to both Groups as well. In order to have a
> good communication between the two groups, we still need to have a joint
> task force.
I believe this clarification addresses the concerns PF members have
expressed. I believe we can move forward on this basis. Let me summarize
my understanding--a.) and b.) below.

I do see the remote possibility of one additional wrinkle--given as c.) below:

	a.)	The TF will be a joint TF of the HTML and PF WGs,
jointly managed, and responsible to both WGs.

	b.)	Anyone from HTML or PF may join the TF, but all TF
participants will be required to agree formally to the HTML WG's patent
policy. In effect, this means "join the HTML WG."

	c.)	Any work the TF may perform to accomodate WAI-ARIA
within HTML 5 is covered by b.) above. However, should it appear at any
point that the work of the TF may directly impact the design of
WAI-ARIA, then all participants of this Joint TF will also be required
to sign onto PF's patent policy.  This is stated only as a contingency,
and is not expected to occur.

Will this work?

Please note that PF has not been meeting this week as many of our
members are participating in a conference in London.

If the above is correct and acceptable, I will take on the task of
editing the Draft TF Work Statement to reflect this understanding and to
incorporate the 8 points promolgated by the HTML Co-Chairs. I expect a
new draft would be available early next week, in time for approval by PF
(Wednesday) and HTML (Thursday).



> Philippe


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