Conformance of SVG content in HTML

There doesn’t seem to be anything in HTML5 that defines the conformance
of an HTML document in terms of any foreign content it contains.  I
would expect the following to be a non-conforming HTML document:

  <!DOCTYPE html>

since in SVG a <tspan> cannot be a child of <svg>, but as far as I can
tell this currently is conforming.

I think there needs to be a statement like the following in the spec:

  Any subtree in an HTML document rooted by an svg element in the SVG
  namespace, whose parent is not an SVG element, must be a conforming
  SVG DOM subtree.

where “conforming SVG DOM subtree” would link to
(which I just added), or the appropriate place in TR-space once SVG 1.1
Second Edition is published.

Something similar should be added for MathML, too.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 16 September 2009 00:52:12 UTC