Re: what is dt?

Jeremy Keith wrote:
> Shelley wrote:
>> I refer people to Remy Sharp's look at this topic[1], and his 
>> validation of label being acceptable. I would rather have caption, 
>> but the same problem applies: if caption is used out of table, some 
>> browsers will discard from the DOM.
>> Then again, what might better is to define a new element, called 
>> either c, or even "element_caption" that can be used as a caption for 
>> it's container, without being anchored to a specific element. 
>> However, if label works, that's so much better.
> Alas, <label> turned out to have its own problems with <details>. It's 
> lack of keyboard focus (pointed out by Gez Lemon) means it can't be 
> used for an interactive element.
> That doesn't apply to <figure> though, which is one of the reasons why 
> I wanted to keep discussions of <details> and <figure> separate.
I think we should continue keeping them separate, then.

I don't care for details, so will continue any discussion on it separately.

Focusing now on Figure, from what you're saying, label does work as a 
way of defining the figure caption.  I would also have been willing to 
go with a refinement of header, since it's a new element anyway, and 
changing the semantics for it, is more a matter of text, than modifying 
actual usage. Still, I'll take label over the use of dt and dd.

Now all you have to do, is convince Ian.


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