Re: aria-describedby vs longdesc [was: Re: Opera 10.10 recently added longdesc support]

hi jim,

aria-describedby can be used to point off page

<img alt="2009 results table" aria-describedby="desc">

<a href="description.html" id="desc">description of table</a>


2009/9/15 Jim Jewett <>

> Laura L. Carlson wrote:
> > (NOTE: it is understood that aria-describedby cannot point off page
> directly.)
> Ouch.  Is it too late to allow URLs in place of IDREFs?  (IDREFs could
> of course still be done as #fragments.)
> Or, at the very least, could the link suggestion be explicitly added
> -- that aria itself would say that if the target ID is a link, then
> the description is in the target of the link, rather than its
> contents?
> (HTML5 could probably do this by itself if it needs to ... but this
> seems like something that ought to be fixed at the source level -- in
> this case, the aria spec.)
> -jJ

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