Re: Opera 10.10 recently added longdesc support

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Laura Carlson
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> Hi Aryeh
> You wrote [1]:
>> as far as I
>> know, longdesc is so consistently misused that no user agent, AT or
>> otherwise, bothers providing it to users in any obvious way by
>> default.
> Opera 10.10 recently added longdesc support

Meanwhile, Firefox 3.6 is removing support for it [1]. I added support
for it a long time ago in [2], in fact, it was one of my first patches
as a Mozilla contributor. However it was deemed too much code
(literally thousands of lines of code) for too little gain. In these
cases we generally advice the use of an extension instead, which seems
like it's going to happen here [3].

Also, please don't argue to *me* that removing support is bad. First
of all, as stated above, I was even the one that added the support way
back when. Second, if you think this was a bad idea, it'll be much
more productive to try to gather support for the extension than to try
to argue in the bug. Extensions is a primary way for us to gather data
on how popular a particular feature is. We always look towards popular
extensions for ideas for features to integrate into Firefox.


/ Jonas

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