Re: [Bug 7509] Consider <dl type="dialog"> instead of <dialog>

Toby Inkster On 09-09-09 23.40:

> I like this idea. 


> Specialising it using an attribute seems preferable to creating a  
> different element for each usage. I'd suggest not using @type though  
> because its syntax would conflict with the attribute of the same name  
> on <a>, <link>, <script>, <object>, etc.

It fits with how @type is used for  the <input> element. And with 
HTML 4's <ol type="A"> and <ul type="square">.

> Possibly @role could be re-used. (@role isn't just an ARIA attribute,  
> it's intended to be used in other ways too.) e.g.
> <dl role="property-list">
> 	<dt>Name:</dt>
> 	<dd>Toby Inkster</dd>
> 	<dt>Date of birth:</dt>
> 	<dd>1980-06-01</dd>
> </dl>

Interesting example - and there are many more.

> A role of "glossary" or something would be the default if no  
> contradictory roles (like "dialog", "timeline" or "property-list")  
> were found.

@type seems to be closer linked to the very element, though. <dl 
type="property-list> stands for "a DL list of the property list 
type". Whereas @role means "a DL list that has the role of propety 
list". However, I would be fine with role.
leif halvard silli

Received on Thursday, 10 September 2009 01:51:29 UTC