Re: <video> and <audio>

On Tue, 01 Sep 2009 17:58:32 +0200, Adrian Bateman  
<> wrote:
> b) We have been discussing whether there is value in supporting  
> additional optional information on <source> elements. This would be used  
> to indicate properties of the media stream to provide more data for user  
> agents to choose between the different sources. Today, the <source>  
> element provides a combination of MIME type (including codecs parameter)  
> and media query to determine the available sources. We think an  
> interesting use case is one where two sources use the same codecs but  
> are encoded with different properties. For example, they may have  
> different bit rates. Alternatively, two audio sources may be in  
> different languages. We're still actively debating this but would  
> welcome feedback on this idea.

Some of this might make sense as extensions (likely in the form of media  
features) to Media Queries rather than the <source> element. I.e. the  
ability to download faster is a property of the device/environment in some  

Anne van Kesteren

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