Re: <keygen> element

On Sep 5, 2009, at 8:26 PM, Jonas Sicking wrote:

> Putting just the <keygen> element, but none of the actual
> functionality, thus allowing microsoft (or anyone else) to just
> implement a very small amount of stubbed code seems like a political
> solution. It wouldn't actually help any website authors, and it would
> force UAs to still implement (and test) the stubbed code.
> Is there a reason we couldn't mark <keygen> conforming but
> obsolete/deprecated? All UAs seem to want to deprecate and replace
> (thus remove) the feature. Saying that it's obsolete and/or deprecated
> would seem to reflect that fairly well.

Marking it obsolete or deprecated would still make it required for IE  
to implement. (All current obsolete features in HTML5 are mandatory  
for implementations.) Do you think they should be allowed to not  
implement it?

What marking it obsolete would do is result in a conformance error on  
every page using it - this seems orthogonal to Microsoft's concern,  
and at least to me it seems unhelpful. But perhaps you have some  
different concerns that would be addressed by making keygen obsolete.

  - Maciej

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