Re: FPWD Review Request: HTML+RDFa

Shane McCarron wrote:
> Errr... ok.  So if I am writing an HTML5 document that incorporates SVG, 
> I would embed an SVG element and indicate it's namespace ONLY if I were 
> defining the new default namespace?

You wouldn't indicate its namespace period, unless you need source-level 
interop with XHTML.  Then you would indicate xmlns="the svg namespace". 
  Anything else is non-conformant.

> And I cannot use SVG elements that 
> are namespace qualified and in the non-default namespace (e.g. 
> xmlns:svg="...")


> And if I omit the xmlns="..." it is still valid and 
> meaningful because the parser magically knows it is an SVG element?



Received on Thursday, 3 September 2009 20:18:18 UTC