Re: tweaking meter [was: Re: <meter> and <progress> (was RE: Implementor feedback on new elements in HTML5)]

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:13 AM, Henri Sivonen<> wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2009, at 17:38, Jim Jewett wrote:

>> I think meter should be an appropriate element for things like
>> "number of posts" or "member for X months".

> Would you ever use a Cocoa NSLevelIndicator for such a thing?

(Disclaimer:  based on NSLevelIndicator docs, rather than Cocoa experience.)

Yes, I would.  I wouldn't normally display either of those things at
all, but if the user wanted it displayed, a NSLevelIndicator is
sufficiently reasonable that I wouldn't think to question it.

Those are reasonable things to show in a user profile; my only concern
there is that the rest of the profile is largely text; a graphical
display (let alone a native one) might stand out so much that it would
overwhelm the rest of the page.


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