Elements used to scope <address>

The <address> element begins with a definition:

"The address element represents the contact information for its
nearest article or body element ancestor."

And ends with a note:

"Contact information for one sectioning content element, e.g. an aside
element, does not apply to its ancestor elements, e.g. the page's

The definition of <address> specifies that <article> and <body> are to
scope address, but the note seems to imply that <aside>, <section>,
and <nav> may also be used to scope <address>. I think this needs to
be clarified.

<address> should either be redefined to allow it to be scoped by all
sectioning content, or the note that mentions sectioning content
should be removed.

Chris Cressman

Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2009 20:05:35 UTC