Re: Questions arising from ARIA/HTML5 integration

Steven Faulkner writes:

> <input type=date>
>  <input type=time>
>  <input type=datetime>
>  <input type=datetime-local>
>  <input type=month>
>  <input type=week>
>  <input type=color>
>  <input type=file>
> these all appear as text boxes with a button/keystroke associated to open a
> dialog no?

Not necessarily.

In pre-HTML-5 browsers they are simply a textbox.

In HTML 5 browsers the browser can choose any UI they want; the spec
only defines the values which the form elements have.  So a colour
picker could be a button with a coloured square on it, where clicking
that square brings up the platform's generic colour-picker dialog box.
There might not be a textbox-like part of it anywhere.


Received on Tuesday, 1 September 2009 16:13:19 UTC