New <input> types (was RE: Implementor feedback on new elements in HTML5)

On Monday, August 31, 2009 9:46 PM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> - new <input> element types
>   These seem generally useful, and we already have some implemented to
> various extents (search, range, email, url tel). The only concern is the
> sheer number of date and time controls. 6 of the 13 new input types are
> for dates or times. Are there real use cases for all 6? Do all 6
> exhaustively cover the types of time and date input you may want to do in
> forms? Two further points came up in the discussion here:
>     (a) Is it problematic to implement these without a lot of specialized
> UI, for cases such as "email" or "tel"?
>     (b) For the various date controls, our primary concern is whether
> they map well to the important use cases. The people working on
> implementation do not think there is much incremental cost to each
> additional date control, once the basics are implemented.

I agree with the general usefulness of the new types. While we don't have immediate plans to support these controls in IE, we have discussed them and we think they add value, particularly in signalling the intent of an input for AT, tablet and mobile scenarios where the user agent can optimise the user experience for appropriate inputs.

I haven't had time to work through the use cases yet but as I indicated in a previous mail about the date/time inputs, I'm not convinced the balance is correct here especially with respect to time zones. Having written web applications with servers and clients in different time zones, I'm not sure whether we can get away with fewer controls types and more reliance on script or whether there are some additional types that could simplify dealing with date/times in forms for web developers building international applications. This is something I intend to review in more detail. Again, I think the styling will be important but we do see some customer demand for date control support.



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