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X3D comments in Bug 8238.

From: John A. Stewart <alex.stewart@crc.ca>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 10:12:34 -0500
Message-Id: <5317EDF8-CA87-4295-9E6C-702EB4C27E87@crc.ca>
To: public-html@w3.org

Nice to meet you at the TPAC last week.

I hope you don't mind; I'm going to bring some of your comments from  
within Bug 8238 out to the mailing list so that I can ask for  

"Tentatively, I would not be in favor of an X3D-specific mechanism in  
the parser. X3D is not supported directly by UAs, and it's not clear  
if it ever will be (since there are competing 3D model serializations  
with similar or greater levels of traction)."
May I ask what other 3D model serializations you have in mind?
"... But it doesn't make me, as a UA implementor, feel more motivated  
to add built-in parsing complexity for a feature to be implemented by  
third-part code."
There are a number of open-source code bases for X3D out there;  
Johannes created the X3Dom javascript implementation that we  
demonstrated last week; I have FreeWRL, a OSX/Linux/Windows native  
implementation, and there are others.
I am not yet fully aware of the W3C process, nor of individual  
member's requirements, but could such open-source codebases be of  
interest to UA implementors? Hopefully it is apparent that we wish to  
work with the W3C to promote X3D as one possible candidate for 3D  
rendering and interaction within HTML5.
I look forward to further dialogue.
John A. Stewart
Team Leader: Networked Virtual Reality

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