Re: ISSUE-55: Re-enable @profile in HTML5 (draft 2)

Jeremy wrote:

> Leif wrote:
>> Ian hasn't lifted a finger to make rel=profile a valid keyword.
> The process for adding rel values isn't run by Ian. 

See bottom of this letter.

> Anyone can propose  

> rel values but the proposal must then go through either the  
> microformats in order to be accepted or be part of a W3C spec:

The rules for how to add rel keywords are not fixed until the 
draft has become a standard. In fact, there is an alternative 
process/co-process going on. [1]

> Some proposals for new rel values were showing up recently in Bugzilla  
> and I've been trying to point people to that wiki instead.

I had noticed that. But IMHO you were then acting prematurely. 
Amongst other things for the reasons I mentioned above.

> Existing work on a rel="profile" proposal can be found here:

The subject of this thread is the rel="profile" specification [2], 
which has had to be authored outside the HTML 5 spec.

leif halvard silli

Received on Thursday, 5 November 2009 23:05:00 UTC