Re: thoughts on @profile (ISSUE-55)

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On May 22, 2009, at 15:54, Julian Reschke wrote:
>> RFC 2731 (<>) and DC-HTML 
>> (<>) already define a 
>> different syntax for that; so; *if* we wanted to do that, we should 
>> consider just using that.
> Do existing RFC 2731 or DC-HTML consumers actually do prefix-based 
> indirection with scheme and refuse to work without profile or do they 
> just hard-code strings like "dc.title" and ignore both profile and scheme?

I once wrote a RFC2731-based consumer (it's in an SAP product), which 
relies on the prefix indirection (@profile is not used in RFC 2731, this 
was introduced in DC-HTML later on).

>> In recent discussions, the RDFa people claimed that non-registered 
>> link relations did not work in HTML 4.01 unless qualified by a 
>> profile; if there was agreement about that, RDFa would need that as 
>> well because of the use of CURIEs.
> My understanding is that stuff like rel=license, rel=nofollow and 
> rel=prefetch work where supported regardless of profiles.

I agree with that.

So, in practice, new rel values can be introduced without profiles, even 
though a few people claim the contrary :-).

BR, Julian

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