Re: microdata use cases and Getting data out of poorly written Web pages

Shelley Powers wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> On Mon, 11 May 2009, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>>> I think a fruitful exercise to apply to this proposal would be to 
>>> determine wether microdata markup following this proposal could 
>>> readily be extracted as RDF. RDF already has many concrete syntaxes; 
>>> I gather that what RDF experts consider important is the underlying 
>>> data model. Can data marked up as Ian suggests be extracted as RDF 
>>> triples? It seems to me this is what is most important for those who 
>>> wish to interoperate with an RDF toolchain.
>> The proposed spec actually defines how to do this:
>> ...and Philip implemented a demo of how this might work that you can 
>> test:
>> (Scroll to the bottom to see the RDF output.)
> Per Maciej's request for RDF experts to test the proposed microdata 
> solution. I won't stake a claim to "expert", but I'm giving it a shot. 
> I imagine others are, also.
> I'm in the process of converting Philip's example into RDFa, so we can 
> see how the triples compare. The going is slow, because when you write 
> that @item is the same as @typeof, it really is not. The same as 
> saying @id will serve as @about. At least, I'm not seeing it with the 
> small examples, and Philip's generated triples.
> It will help to see more use cases with demonstrations of using the 
> proposed microdata solution. I know that's next on your agenda, ian.
> And is there a way to apply Philip's RDF extractor against any page? 
> We need more test cases extracting microdata into RDF triples. Ian 
> Davis has made a demo page, converting his eRDF to the microdata 
> format. I noticed he worked with you both (Ian and Philip) in the IRC 
> ( Do you 
> perchance have RDF triples from his page? I would rather not extract 
> the triples manually.

Wup, never mind. Can add in arbitrary content to Philip's app. Terrific 
Philip. So I can extract triples from Ian's page, and never mind request 
for Ian's data.



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