Re: PROPOSAL: Procedure to Promote Progress With Accessibility Issues in HTML5

Sam Ruby wrote:
>> 1. Is the call for more editors collaborating to produce documents
>> genuine or is it a thinly veiled attempt at something else?
> If you can find a way to collaborate with Ian (or Manu or Maciej or
> anybody else that has produced a document), that clearly is best.  If
> not, producing a document that has a clear division of labor with one or
> more existing documents is the next best alternative (Manu, for example,
> has attempted to do both).

Laura, John, Steve,

I would be delighted to work with PFWG and WAI to directly author
language into the HTML5 specification (as both an integrated section and
stand-alone module -- as was done with RDFa[1][2]). The goal would be to
produce a draft document that goes some way towards addressing your
technical concerns.

I do not see this as a long-term solution to a majority of the process
concerns that each of you have raised, so please note this as an aside
to the conversation currently going on.

Just offering to help, if I may be of assistance.

-- manu


PS: My time to help draft language is limited, as this is not my day job.

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