Proposal for Lazy Consensus: Details of Media Type Registration

I propose the following resolution for the working group:

"Details of how to formally publish the final media type registrations  
for HTML5 must block the Proposed Recommendation (PR) transition, but  
may be decided after the Last Call(LC) transition. Media types for W3C  
Recommendations may be registered in one of two ways: via RFC or via  
the W3C spec itself. There are plausible arguments for doing it either  
way. We do not need to decide the mechanics of the final media type  
registration for Last Call - any media type registration action at LC  
is provisional. So long as the text of the provisional registration is  
satisfactory, as a Working Group we can live with either inline or  
separate provisional registration for Last Call. We will make a final  
determination in advance of Proposed Recommendation."

I'd like to hear if there are any objections to this resolution.

This will affect ISSUE-53. If this resolution passes by lazy  
consensus, and details of the actual contents of the registration are  
resolved (I believe Ian and Julian are resolving some of those  
details), then I will propose we mark ISSUE-53 mediatypereg so that it  
blocks PR but does not block LC.

If the resolution does not pass, I will propose one of the two options  
as a lazy consensus resolution. If that does not pass by lazy  
consensus either, I will ask the Chairs to schedule a poll (or  
whatever other mechanism they see fit).


Received on Sunday, 23 August 2009 03:21:45 UTC