Issues closed

Per prior announcement and discussion, I have closed the following 12  

ISSUE-5: button-type-radio
ISSUE-6: videoaudio
ISSUE-12: test-case-file-names
ISSUE-16: offline-applications-sql
ISSUE-17: media-queries-tab-preprocessing
ISSUE-20: table-headers
ISSUE-26: accessibility/usability of HTML5 and W3C default stylesheets
ISSUE-28: http-mime-override
ISSUE-34: commonality
ISSUE-36 - client-side-storage-sql
ISSUE-38 - style-attr-syntax
ISSUE-43: client-side image maps

I have not yet closed the following 5 issues:

ISSUE-9: video-synchronization
- There was an objection in the telecon, I do not know the nature of  
the objection. Could someone who was there please resend it in email?  
This issue has no actions. Is anyone prepared to take an action item?

ISSUE-10: video-smil
- SMIL WG has asked to review - issue remains open pending their review.

ISSUE-11: default-encoding
- Filed two bugs based on concrete feedback from I18N WG; issue open  
pending resolution of the bugs

ISSUE-13: handling-http-401-status
- Issue open pending review by Julian Reschke; if review does not come  
soon, I will propose closing it again.

ISSUE-37 - html-svg-mathml
- Open pending discussion with SVG WG; I filed two bugs, waiting to  
hear how they want to handle the rest of their comments.

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