Re: [Bug 6853] New: restore meta keywords, search engines use them

Julian Reschke wrote:
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> Interesting, but no proof.
> I happen to know that a certain crawler I helped writing many years ago 
> *does* extract keywords. Maybe it makes a difference on whether you're 
> crawling "trusted" data or not, though. But that shouldn't influence the 
> HTML5 language itself, only potentially advice on how and when to use it.
> BR, Julian
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Looking at HTML5:

"Conformance checkers must use the information given on the WHATWG Wiki 
MetaExtensions page to establish if a value not explicitly defined in 
this specification is allowed or not. Conformance checkers may cache 
this information (e.g. for performance reasons or to avoid the use of 
unreliable network connectivity).

When an author uses a new type not defined by either this specification 
or the Wiki page, conformance checkers should offer to add the value to 
the Wiki, with the details described above, with the "proposal" status." 
-- <>

So a page using meta/@name=keywords currently is non-conforming. Is 
everybody aware of that? Is this really intended?

I also note that doesn't seem to implement this, see 

BR, Julian

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