Re: [Bug 6853] New: restore meta keywords, search engines use them wrote:
>            Summary: restore meta keywords, search engines use them
>            Product: HTML WG
>            Version: unspecified
>           Platform: All
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>         OS/Version: All
>             Status: NEW
>           Severity: normal
>           Priority: P2
>          Component: HTML 5: The Markup Language
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> The meta element for name="keywords" has recently been demoted to being a
> failed proposal, presumably thus not to be allowed under HTML5. I disagree and
> suggest the status be restored to that of a proposal. Search engines use it and
> for good reason.
> ...

I noticed that this bug is in state "resolved", with "keywords" being 
added as "proposed" to the meta extensions wiki page.

I don't think that's sufficient. "keywords" is not an extension, but 
something that was present in HTML4, and is widely documented and used.

If it is mis-used and thus ignored by search engines, we should back 
that up with research, and then potentially document the issue in the spec.

BR, Julian

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