Re: Current PFWG thinking on ARIA integration in host languages

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Michael Cooper<> wrote:
> Yes, your distillation sounds correct, with one quibble. The statement
> "(Invisible metadata is evil, and should be avoided in favor of visible
> metadata whenever possible.)" is not something I would want ascribed to me.
> I am not taking a position on that, and particularly am not expressing a
> value such as "evil". I'm hoping you included that to facilitate your own
> understanding only. I think your distillation does not depend on that
> statement, but am pointing it out to be sure. Aside from that, your
> distillation seems to be an accurate representation of our current position.
> Michael

Yeah, that was my own opinion, and was attached as a helpful
justification for myself on a possibly non-obvious point.


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