Re: HTML5/SMIL integration [was: Re: ISSUE-10: suggest closing]

Dick Bulterman <>, 2009-08-17 08:51 +0200:
>  Unfortunately, I'm away from both my office and a computer this week (on a 
>  sailboat), so it will take a few days for me to round things out. I'll send 
>  off comments at the beginning of the week of 24 August.

The team members of the W3C Interaction domain had a discussion
about this issue on our weekly call, and I took an action to
request that it be kept open pending receipt of Dick's review
comments next week.

Also, it seems that the scope of the discussion about issue-10 has
expanded to include more than just the question "how similar
should SMIL and <video> attribute names be?" (the current title of
the issue). We could open up a new issue with a more broadly
scoped title, but I'd suggest that rather than doing that, the
issue be re-titled instead.

Dick, You also might want to consider attending the HTML WG telcon
on Thursday, August 27 to talk about your review comments.


Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 15:11:54 UTC