Re: Recording teleconferences?

On Aug 15, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Laura Carlson wrote:

> Hi John and Anne,
> John wrote:
>> Anne, I offered to pay the first recorded session from my own pocket.
> Anne, I will pay $80 for a session. Why don't you us up on the offer
> and see how it goes?
> Dan, is there a proper channel to ask member W3C organizations if they
> are interested in supporting this project?  It couldn't hurt to ask.
> Matt suggested contacting Judy Brewer regarding having WAI to do the
> transcription. Anne, we could email her too, if that would be helpful.

I think it would be best to ask WAI if they can do the transcription.  
I think passing the hat around the working group is not the way this  
should work, although the offers from you and John are appreciated.  
It's the W3C's responsibility as an institution to ensure that its own  
public content (including Working Group proceedings) is accessible.

I note also that your email comes off as a lot more positive than some  
emails on this subject. Here are two hypothetical messages that say  
similar things but make very different impressions:

(A) "It's a good idea to have audio recordings of the telecons. If we  
do that, we should also find a way to provide full transcripts."

(B) "You can't post audio recordings of the telecons without  

I hope you can see how (A) comes off as helpful, while (B) can be  
perceived as negative energy. I'm not saying anyone said exactly (A)  
or (B). But let's keep this kind of difference in mind. We wouldn't  
want to create the misleading impression that accessibility is about  
preventing information sharing. Instead, accessibility is about  
sharing more information in more forms. After all, none of the WCAG  
techniques give "don't publish this information at all" as an option.


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