RE: HTML5-warnings - request to publish as next heartbeat WD

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> The email you cite is not an objection from the PFWG. It is an email
> by individuals. The overlap with PFWG participants is small.

For the record: 
WAI does not have a formal 'membership', however all of the signatories
have involved themselves in various WAI activities in the past.

"WAI welcomes...

    * participation from around the world
    * volunteers to review, implement, and promote guidelines
    * dedicated participants in working groups"

[source: ]

As well, the fact that the signatories (volunteers all) are not all PFWG
members should in no way diminish the fact that a collection of
accessibility advocates, who have contributed to the W3C now and in the
past, collectively feel/felt that there is a real problem with process,
*AND* rather than just complain took constructive action to try and remedy
that problem.

Is there a problem with that?


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