Regarding closing issues

I discussed the process for closing out some of our old issues with  
Sam. Sam intends to announce the process formally in the telecon  
announcement email, but I'm sending mail here too, for benefit of  
people who do not closely read the announcements.

1) Issues that are suggested for closing will be mentioned on this  
Thursday's telecon, and will be closed next Thursday if there are no  

2) If anyone objects to closing any of these issues and is willing to  
step up to own it, it will not be closed (at least for now).

3) The issues in question are: ISSUE-5, ISSUE-6, ISSUE-9, ISSUE-10,  
ISSUE-11, ISSUE-12, ISSUE-13, ISSUE-16, ISSUE-17, ISSUE-20, ISSUE-26,  
and ISSUE-28. I described the reasons for closing theses in separate  

4) I volunteer do the mechanics of closing once people have had due  
opportunity to object.

5) For any future issues that are proposed for closure, there will be  
at least one Thursday-Thursday period for objections, and both telecon  
and email announcements.


Received on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:23:38 UTC