Re: [POLL]: Publish HTML 5 update with or without warnings?

Sam Ruby wrote:
> Th3 questionnaire is open for answers until 23:59, Boston time on
> 2009-08-17.

Thanks for putting this up there, Sam.

> Manu may make
> changes to wording of warnings based on feedback, or even add or remove
> warnings.  An example of a change that would invalidate this poll would
> be if Manu were to intentionally introduce a technical difference
> between the two documents.

If I make changes to the warnings, I will place them in a document named
"html5-warnings-draft-2.html", and will not change the draft that is
being used for the poll. In the coming week, the plan is to:

* Focus on removing warnings when it becomes apparent that there are
  more than 25% of the voting body that doesn't want a particular
  warning included.
* Not add warnings.
* Focus on rewording the warnings to be less emotionally charged, if
  possible. Perhaps replacing "the issue is controversial" with
  "has not been resolved in the HTML WG via consensus", or something
  to that effect.
* Fix the unintended technical differences.

-- manu

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