[POLL]: Publish HTML 5 update with or without warnings?

Now open:


Th3 questionnaire is open for answers until 23:59, Boston time on 

Members of the working group are welcome to participate as individuals 
in this poll: specifically multiple individuals from the same Member 
organization are each welcome to participate.

Both drafts are expected to evolve over the course of the next week.  If 
it is felt that any of the changes made invalidate the poll then the 
last version prior to that change will be what is considered for 
publishing.  In particular, Ian is likely to continue his work on the 
backlog of WHATWG issues and Manu will have the opportunity to update 
his draft to include these changes before publishing.  Manu may make 
changes to wording of warnings based on feedback, or even add or remove 
warnings.  An example of a change that would invalidate this poll would 
be if Manu were to intentionally introduce a technical difference 
between the two documents.

People are encouraged to make comments, but there is no guarantee that 
it will be accepted or acted upon.  Cast your vote accordingly. 
Comments that express support but only if predicated on a change which 
would invalidate the poll (example: "I support Ian's draft, but only if 
he incorporates all of Manu's comments as is") will be considered invalid.

Voting no on both 1 and 2 will be treated as an abstain in the event 
that it is decided to publish all drafts that have majority approval. 
Doing such guarantees that at least one document will have 50% approval. 
  In the event of an exact tie, both documents will be published if the 
"all" option is selected on question 3, and only Ian's document will be 
published if the "one" option is selected.  In the event that question 3 
ends up with an exact tie, it will be treated as if the "one" option is 

I reserve the right to invalidate votes and/or ignore the poll entirely 
if there is evidence of gaming of the vote.  I do not expect that to be 
an issue.

Results will be public, and can be seen here:


- Sam Ruby

Received on Tuesday, 11 August 2009 13:59:14 UTC