Re: HTML5-warnings - request to publish as next heartbeat WD

On Aug 10, 2009, at 6:08 PM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:

> Ian Hickson On 09-08-11 02.55:
>> I prefer 6 months than 2 months because in practice many issues
>> have been open more than 2 months simply because I hadn't gotten to  
>> the relevant feedback yet. Sometimes it takes even longer, e.g.  
>> just earlier this afternoon I responded to some mail from 2007 and  
>> 2008, but I think 6 months would be a relatively good average and  
>> would ensure we don't end up with issues that are so new that I  
>> haven't even looked at them yet.


> To which I want to add that until *you* have looked at a feature and  
> told your view, controversy usually doesn't (fully) arise. Hence a 2  
> month rule sounds good, and your objection seems hypothetical.

I'm going to put together some stats and maybe a preliminary list.  
I'll split the difference and say 4 months. This seems like a  
reasonable timeframe to assess controversy.

Note: my primary goal here is not about in-spec controversy markers,  
though if anyone wants to add those I would suggest working off the  
same list or following a similar objective rule. My primary goal is to  
track the progress of the Working Group on resolving such issues. I  
believe that to improve something you first have to measure it. Thus,  
I'm hoping to produce regular updates on these issues and the number  
resolved since the last update.


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