Re: how do we get permission to raise issues in the issues tracker?

Shelley Powers wrote:
> How do we get permission to raise issues in the HTML WG issues tracker 
> again?
> Do we need to connect up with you, Michael? Sam told me once, but I 
> can't remember the procedure.

Note: I consider an action to be open if I believe that somebody is 
actually working on the issue, i.e., undertaking an activity that I 
believe will ultimately result in concrete spec text.

In cases where Ian believes that the case is closed, that means somebody 
who is ready, willing and able to provide spec text.

As a concrete example, Ian appears to believe that the summary issue is 
closed (I based this on Ian's use of the word "reopen" in this email:  I 
believe that it is open as Cynthia is actively working with others to 
produce a draft for the WG to discuss.

> Thanks
> Shelley

- Sam Ruby

Received on Monday, 10 August 2009 17:05:40 UTC