Re: Feedback on the current editor's draft

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Adrian Bateman<> wrote:
> * <bb type="">
>  User agent command including "make application".

While we haven't done a formal review of this feature at mozilla, my
initial reaction is that I don't think we'll want to implement this
element. The content area is simply too prone to manipulation for <bb>
to provide any level of comfort with performing the action that
clicking the <bb> is intended perform. I.e. I see no correlation
between the user clicking a <bb> and the user intending to take any
action related to the <bb>, or even any action at all.

For example it's trivial for the page to get the user to click on the
<bb> by using click-jacking techniques, or by simply making the <bb>
fill up the full viewport but be 99% transparent.

An alternative solution might be for a declarative way for the page to
indicate that it supports certain actions, like install an offline
app, so that the UA can add UI somewhere in the browser UI that the
user can interact with.

Though I guess we could use the <bb> as that declarative method.
However the name 'browser button' seems weird in that case since
buttons can generally be clicked.

/ Jonas

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