Re: How did the summary attribute become part of HTML 4.0?

On Aug 7, 2009, at 11:38, Steven Faulkner wrote:

> For people who have member access there is more info here and  
> discussion:

Thanks. This one I hadn't found myself. The message has been sent  
after summary was already in a draft, though.


These I had found, but they are comments *after* summary had already  
been put into a draft.

> these are just a few examples of what appears to be an in depth  
> discussion of data table accessibility in general and summary in  
> particular
> it would appear that much of the discussion went on not on the html  
> list but on the related wai list.
>  Some emails also allude to further telephone discussions around  
> this topic.

Thanks. I'll review WAI archives.

Henri Sivonen

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