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I consider one of the most importand aspects of web accessibility is to
provide equality of access to applications used in the workplace or
educational institutions, which in turn provides users with disabilities the
opportunity to work or learn.
So from an accessibility perspective intranet systems are very relevant.

Much of the work we do at TPG involves browser based applications delivered
in a private environment. Most vendors we deal with support multiple
browsers on multiple platforms and require that their  products conform to
the same standards that are used for the open web i.e. section 508 and wcag
1.0 (progressively moving to WCAG 2.0)

so to exclude these environments from consideration in the development of
html, is to exclude an important aspect of the provision of access to users
with disabilities.

2009/8/5 Julian Reschke <>

> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> ...
>>> That is incorrect. For instance, many document management systems run
>>> only in
>>> intranets, yet they still need to support a wide variety of user agents
>>> (not
>>> controlled by the vendors of these systems).
>> Sure, but if there's a problem, the vendor gets called on it and fixes it.
> Incorrect again. The vendors of these systems have little control about the
> UA vendor's bug fixing (I'm talking from experience here).
> No need for a standard there. This is unlike an open environment like the
>> Web where the consumer, the producer, and the UA vendor might have no
>> relationship whatsoever.
> Actually, it's very similar.
> Again, I'm not saying a standard isn't useful in these cases, just that
>> supporting those cases isn't our goal, and can't be without compromising on
>> our other more important goals regarding the open Web, as discussed here:
> Not sure what part of that mail you're referring to. In particular, I
> wasn't talking about supporting proprietary features likes ActiveX controls.
> BR, Julian

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