Re: Intranet pages

Ian Hickson wrote:
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>> That is incorrect. For instance, many document management systems run only in
>> intranets, yet they still need to support a wide variety of user agents (not
>> controlled by the vendors of these systems).
> Sure, but if there's a problem, the vendor gets called on it and fixes it. 

Incorrect again. The vendors of these systems have little control about 
the UA vendor's bug fixing (I'm talking from experience here).

> No need for a standard there. This is unlike an open environment like the 
> Web where the consumer, the producer, and the UA vendor might have no 
> relationship whatsoever.

Actually, it's very similar.

> Again, I'm not saying a standard isn't useful in these cases, just that 
> supporting those cases isn't our goal, and can't be without compromising 
> on our other more important goals regarding the open Web, as discussed here:

Not sure what part of that mail you're referring to. In particular, I 
wasn't talking about supporting proprietary features likes ActiveX controls.

BR, Julian

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