RE: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 2

Justin James wrote:
> What John wants (to the best of my understanding) is for the draft to
> reflect the WCAG/WAI documents/findings/recommendations (it's not quite
> clear to me what the formal status of their guidance on @summary is).

I simply want the draft to *not* contradict WAI.  I have consistently
suggested that the status of @summary is not the issue, it is the
contradictory language that accompanies the 'obsolete but conformant'
status that tells authors to not use summary that is the current issue, as
it undermines WCAG and WAI.

I have repeatedly stated that removing that text would remove my
objection, but apparently Ian cannot see his way to doing that, because he
has 'data' (failing to recognize that the problem has NOTHING to do with


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