Pause on exit from Cue Ranges


We think that the "pause on exit" aspect of the cue range should be 
removed from the specification.


* It's only one of the functions that you might want to achieve at 
the end of a cue-range (e.g. loopback is another)
* It gives the impression that it'll pause exactly at the end of the 
range, but this is not (necessarily) true.  If the cue-range fired 
'late' (because the system is loaded), it might pause 'late' (unless 
the specification is updated to say that it is 
* Even if it is, it's easily achieved by a script that does a pause and seek.
* Removing it simplifies the API at no loss of functionality.

David Singer

Received on Friday, 19 September 2008 00:25:12 UTC