UA style sheet for <q>-- why required?

> I've seen no one expound a compelling reason for not leaving quotation
> styling to a styling mechanism instead of hard coding the styling in
> the HTML document.

Correctness.  The HTML is supposed to be usable even with stylesheets off.

If Bob says <q>I'll be a monkey's uncle!</q>, then the stylesheets are
effectively required.

If Bob says "I'll be a monkey's uncle!", then it works for most
people, but the quotation isn't semantically marked.

If Bob says "<q>I'll be a monkey's uncle!</q>", then it works for most
people, and degrades properly -- but it looks ugly if someone actually
does use a stylesheet to add quotes.

What we really need is a way to say the moral equivalent of

    If there is a stylesheet rule to supply marks to <q> elements
(:before, :after),
    then any hardcoded quotation marks immediately preceding or following the
    <q> element are implicitly removed.

That does require:

(1)  Specifying what counts as a quotation mark (Unicode Property
Quotation_Mark ?)

(2)  Specifying whether the quotation marks should be inside or
outside of the <q> element.

(3)  Having an explicit rendering rule, instead of delegating entirely to CSS.


Received on Thursday, 30 October 2008 23:13:58 UTC