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Justin James wrote:

> I found it on Amazon's French site.

Yeah, that was really hard to find : my original message contained a
link to it on !!

> This book is 196 pages long. The idea that someone should need to read this book (in its original language) and understand it, all in order to implement the <q> tag is absurd. And an author needs to do the same in CSS if they need to use a "grammar" that is not implemented by a browser vendor? All to leverage one tag?

Justin, your two comments in a row are just absurd. First you complain
because a book about french national typographical rules is not
available from and therefore question the fact it's a
reliable source, then you complain the source is too long.

Just so you know, a previous edition of this book was already a major
source when we added quotes management to CSS 2.

Next time I'll be interested in using one single HTML5 element in a 
compound xul+html document and discover the HTML5 spec is several
hundred pages long and not directly available from, I'll file
a bug for you...

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