RE: <q> and commas

Ivan -

Yes, my goal was the latter. By highlighting just how bad it is to carry the
"magic quote" proposal to its logical conclusion, I was hoping to show that
its beginning is a bad idea too.

I have no objection to people doing this in CSS. Just don't try to put it in
the HTML spec!


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> Justin James a écrit :
> > Let's suppose for a moment that we decide to keep the behavior of<q>,
> to
> > automatically generate quote marks.
> >
> […]
> > So, what should HTML do about this? If we've decided that HTML should
> insert
> > the appropriate quotation marks which function purely as
> presentational
> > delimiters, then I propose that it should also add the commas.
> Manage quotation marks is logical/meaningful (if we suppose it should
> be), but manage commas is … very strange :s. A quote does not
> absolutely
> required a comma to start or to end (in French at least). The only
> thing
> we must act upon is the quotation marks, not others punctuations.
> Unless if the goal of your mail is to point the fact that manage
> quotations marks is not a good idea ?
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