Re: <q> and commas

Justin James a écrit :
> Let's suppose for a moment that we decide to keep the behavior of<q>, to
> automatically generate quote marks.
> So, what should HTML do about this? If we've decided that HTML should insert
> the appropriate quotation marks which function purely as presentational
> delimiters, then I propose that it should also add the commas.
Manage quotation marks is logical/meaningful (if we suppose it should 
be), but manage commas is … very strange :s. A quote does not absolutely 
required a comma to start or to end (in French at least). The only thing 
we must act upon is the quotation marks, not others punctuations.
Unless if the goal of your mail is to point the fact that manage 
quotations marks is not a good idea ?


Ivan Enderlin
Developper of Hoa Framework

Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2008 13:29:29 UTC