Re: <q>

2008/10/29 Ivan Enderlin <>

> Justin James a écrit :
>> Or a secondary solution is that user writes
>>> quotes himself in the content and let the CSS to default (i.e. no
>>> quotes
>>> are printed).
>> I would be happy with your "secondary solution".
> More I read every people here, more I think that is the best solution. Keep
> the <q> tag but write quotes manually.

IMO, this is the second best solution. The best solution is to codify
default quotation presentation, and have UAs implement that presentation as
far as possible.

> The last problem (with this proposition) is : where inserting/writing
> quotes ; inside or outside of <q> ? I propose inside because quotes are part
> of a quote sentence (always in my humble opinion).

With my suggestion, this becomes a non-problem, because the author puts <q>
and </q> tags in place of opening and closing quotation marks.

When rendered, the UA reverses that operation.

The benefit is, it's easier for the UA to look up all the quoting rules
(once they've been codified) than it is for a human to do so. So this
offloads some of the authoring burden onto the computer, except in irregular
cases. Since these irregular cases would require manual intervention anyway,
no extra labour is expended by doing this, but much is saved.

This, I believe, is the best compromise for <q>, and therefore the best
solution for <q> overall.



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