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Re: <q>

From: Ivan Enderlin <w3c@hoa-project.net>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 10:52:36 +0100
Message-ID: <49083264.5040106@hoa-project.net>
To: Justin James <j_james@mindspring.com>
Cc: 'Sam Kuper' <sam.kuper@uclmail.net>, 'Olivier GENDRIN' <olivier.gendrin@gmail.com>, 'Ben Boyle' <benjamins.boyle@gmail.com>, 'Chris Wilson' <Chris.Wilson@microsoft.com>, 'HTML WG' <public-html@w3.org>

Justin James a écrit :
>> Or a secondary solution is that user writes
>> quotes himself in the content and let the CSS to default (i.e. no
>> quotes
>> are printed).
> I would be happy with your "secondary solution".
More I read every people here, more I think that is the best solution. 
Keep the <q> tag but write quotes manually.
>> This is not a HTML problem but a CSS problem I think (or content
>> problem).
> I could not agree more. Simply put, quotation marks are either content or they are presentation; the original<q>  proposal seeks to use a semantic element to control presentation in order to compensate with a conundrum with people's content.
Sorry for my mistake, you're right :).

I was almost convinced when you said : “I repeat : Automatically 
generation punctuation is fraught with danger.” (<- oh a quote ! damned 
…), but the last e-mail of Sam [1] made me think.

It is a really problem of course. Maybe, use CSS to generate content 
(and /a fortiori/ a ponctuation, that's equal for me) through the 
/content/ property is not a good solution. I don't like this property as 
well …

So I propose this :
     Keep the <q> tag in live, keep it in the spec. Precise that the <q> 
tag is only a marker, like <p>, <a> etc. (like all tags in HTML in fact) 
and not produce any kind of content or punctuation (which is an error in 
my humble opinion). And finally, also precise that the punctuation, 
/i.e./ quotes here, must be written manually by the author.

In this way, there is no problem with authoring tool, UA etc.
The last problem (with this proposition) is : where inserting/writing 
quotes ; inside or outside of <q> ? I propose inside because quotes are 
part of a quote sentence (always in my humble opinion).

If you think about Sam, Justin, Olivier, Ben, Chris etc. said, it solves 
many problems I think. I will not detailled all cases, it was done in 
previous mails.


[1] Last e-mail of Sam Kuper (2008-10-29) 

Ivan Enderlin
Developper of Hoa Framework
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