Re: proposal to allow div, h1 .. h6 and section as children of list elements

Toby A Inkster wrote:
> When using several <ol> elements and keeping the same numbering over 
> them all, it would be useful to have a "continue" attribute. e.g.
>     <ol id="firstbit">
>       <li>Apples</li>
>       <li>Bananas</li>
>     </ol>
>     <p>A break from the list.</p>
>     <ol continue="firstbit">
>       <li>Pears</li>
>       <li>Oranges</li>
>     </ol>
> The continue attribute would suggest that the second list is a logical 
> continuation of the first list, and browsers should continue the 
> numbering, so that "Oranges" would be numbered "4".

This might not be a bad idea, though one has to be careful in defining 
behavior of things like:

<ol id="firstbit" continue="firstbit"/>


<ol id="firstbit" continue="secondbit"/>
<ol id="secondbit" continue="firstbit"/>

or however many levels of indirection one wishes.  It would also be 
worth specifying how this should interact with CSS counters (since right 
now a list can be implemented in terms of CSS counters in the UA 
stylesheet, in which case the |continue| attribute needs to modify the 
behavior of the counter on the continuing list somehow).

You'd have to also define, of course, what happens if the element being 
referenced by the continue doesn't exist, or isn't an ordered list (and 
possibly what should happen if it's some other content node but has CSS 
counters applied to make it look like a list).


Received on Monday, 27 October 2008 15:47:44 UTC