Re: table and meter : timeline, timesheet

Simon Pieters wrote:
> Another example where the rule implemented in response by Gez's table 
> doesn't work (though in the column axis).

Hmm, that's not how it seems to me. When I select "408i", I get these column 

* 1970s
* 1980s

And these row headers:

   * 2+2

I do get both column headers in the 1st level. I don't get any column 
headers in the 2nd level. This is true throughout the table, so it seems 
like a bug in the code rather than a bug in the algorithm?

I do get the row header in the 1st level and the 2nd level.

If I select 308GTS, I get these column headers:

* 1970s

And these row headers:

   * V6/V8

Again, the column subheaders are missing.

This cell is in the 2nd row of a row subheader which spans 2 rows. The row 
header for it spans 3 rows. Since quite complicated spanning relationships 
between headers and subheaders are working in the row axis, it feels like a 
bug in the code.

Am I tracing this wrong? James, does anything seem out of place in the code? 
Even a simple position like "250" isn't getting column subheaders.

Let's try another table where there are 2 levels of column headers and row 
headers. Here, the 1st level of headers spans multiple items in the 2nd 
level, as with the timeline. However, the data cells never span:


This seems to work perfectly. So perhaps there's a mistake in the code for 
handling spanned data cells? Or, as Simon says, maybe this new feature of 
the algorithm isn't compatible with the web?

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard

Received on Monday, 27 October 2008 11:03:52 UTC