Re: About video & audio elements

>  > There's nothing stopping a container/codec with DRM from being used
>>  right now. I presume Saf 3.1/OS X plays FairPlay encrypted files right
>>  now. The spec can never require any DRM encrypted format to be used, as
>>  that would mean the DRM format being openly documented, making it
>>  entirely useless.

No, both ISMACryp and OMADRM are publicly documented.  It is the 
ability (or not) to get keys, and the tamper-proofing, that make the 
system secure.  One does not achieve security through obscurity 
(except for code obfuscation).

However, I do not propose that we adopt either of these, so it's 
merely a point of clarity, not a debating point...
David Singer

Received on Tuesday, 14 October 2008 05:40:31 UTC