Re: UA norm for redirects (both META and http)

Justin James wrote:
> Is it the business of the HTML specification to define the behavior of the
> UA's UI in this manner? I truly hope not. Maybe there are other instances in
> the spec where stuff like this occurs, but this is logically equal to, "UAs
> that maintain a back/forward history must use a left-pointing and a
> right-pointing arrow graphic on the buttons that provide this
> functionality."

The HTML5 spec should only be used to specify what is required for 
interoperability, nothing else.  If the WG wants to recommend UI for 
browsers, it should do so in a seperate document, so as to not confuse 
what is required for interoperability.  Either that, or take this up as 
an issue with individual browsers, because unless the implementors want 
to do this, the specification will be ignored.

Andrew Sidwell

Received on Thursday, 29 May 2008 16:08:11 UTC