Re: Implementing aria: -- examples and methodology

On Thu, 29 May 2008 15:20:28 +0200, Henry S. Thompson <>  
>>>>> These tests were converted from the 'aria-' iCITA examples using the
>>>>> above methodology, very easily, and work in IE 7 as well as Firefox,
>>>>> Opera and Safari (and, with an edited and rebuilt accessibility
>>>>> module in Firefox 3b5, with the ORCA screen-reader).
> [...]
> Um, no, the complexity is in the original (which uses aria-) and is
> there to work around the fact that IE6 doesn't support attribute
> selectors _at all_, regardless of how they are spelled.  Thus my point
> that full interoperability respecting legacy browsers is _never_
> simple.

I thought we were talking about IE7.

Anne van Kesteren

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